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NX-series Advanced Temperature Control Units


Combining Space-Saving Design and Advanced Temperature Controllability

Adapting to precise temperature control for semiconductor innovation

Temperature has wide-ranging impacts on the quality of smaller and multilayered semiconductor products, which are essential to building a highly digitalized society. NX-HTC, with its ability to save space and visualize feature values, helps improving quality and productivity while delivering rigorous temperature control.

NX-HTC controls multi points while keeps the footprint

【Issues】Cannot maintain footprint because additional equipment is needed to increase in

     temperature control subjects

Delivers multipoint control within existing footprint

NX-HTC Features 6

A single NX-HTC unit, which can control
8 channels,*1 takes up 40% less width
than 2 units of our previous model, NXTC,
which has 4 channels per unit.
*1 When using standard control

Save more space by using together with XW2K ultra-compact interface wiring system

Save more in-panel space with the industry’s smallest ultra-compact interface wiring system and cables that
reduce wiring.

NX-HTC Features 7

Higher resolution enables adaptation to fine process precision

【Issues】Finer temperature control required for high-precision processing of smaller workpieces

Wide-range, high-resolution temperature control

High-resolution (0.01) control over wide temperature range enables high-precision temperature
control, even in high temperatures.

NX-HTC Features 10

Supports universal input and works with infrared thermosensor

【Issues】Because equipment mechanism temperatures impact quality in high-precision processing of smaller
     workpieces, temperatures of many different points (e.g., pipes and valves) must be measured

With Infrared thermosensors NX-HTC can control
temperature and monitor equipment mechanism

NX-HTC Features 13

• Measurement temperature -50 to 500°C and -50 to 1,000°C types.
• High accuracy and fast measurement with ±0.5℃ reproducibility and a 0.14-second (95%) response time.
• You can use the ES1-TOOLS dedicated software (free download from our website) as a setting tool to monitor temperature
and change the emissivity, moving average function, and output range.
• Full lineup of laser pointer types

Reduction of production yield by detecting slight temperature profile fluctuations due to changes in conditions such as workpieces, equipment and environment

【Issues】・Warping of wafers caused by unpredictable disturbances and othe changes in workpieces
      and equipment (e.g.,sensor position deviation or deterioration of heater) reduce yield
     ・When defect occurs, it takes time to identify the effect and investigate the cause.

Examples of workpiece, equipment
and environmental changes

NX-HTC Features 17

About Feature Visualization function

Feature Visualization is a function which automatically calculates 12 types of feature values. Those values are based on
Omron's knowledge garnered through our years of experience in temperature control experience, most strongly reflect
workpiece, equipment, and environmental changes. The values are calculated from temperature and manipulated variable
during production. Monitoring these values allows for detection of slight changes in temperature profile caused by
workpiece, equipment and environmental changes.

NX-HTC automatically converts temperature fluctuations and manipulated variables during temperature rise
into feature values

NX-HTC Features 19

Monitors trends in feature value data to detect workpiece, equipment and environmental changes

NX-HTC contributes to reduce defects by providing feature values which users can use for managing
equipment conditions quantitatively and catching unusual equipment conditions early.

NX-HTC Features 21

Maximize quality and production capacity by minimizing temperature fluctuations caused by routine disturbances

【Issues】・The advanced packaging and high integration of semiconductors have made stringent temperature
      control a must; temperature variations caused by routine disturbance impact quality
     ・Wait time until temperature variations caused by routine disturbances stabilize hampers
      improvements in production capacity

Automatically suppresses temperature variations caused by routine disturbances

NX-HTC and NX-TC provide stable automatic control against foreseeable temperature variations, e.g. those caused by
outside air infiltration when doors are opened and closed. NX-HTC and NX-TC contribute to quality improvement and help
boost production capacity by reducing the wait time until temperature stabilization.

NX-HTC Features 24

Helps boost production capacity

By suppressing temperature variations, reduces wait time until temperature stabilizes by up to 80%

*Data measured by OMRON

NX-HTC Features 25

Disruption Suppression Feature minimizes temperature deviations

The Disturbance Suppression Function is a control function that automatically suppresses temperature variations that are expected to be caused by foreseeable disturbances. Trigger signals input to the temperature controller before these disturbances occur turn the function on, which adds to or subtracts from the manipulated variable (MV). Disturbance autotuning automatically adjusts the FF (feedforward) MV, FF operation time, and FF waiting time.

NX-HTC Features 27