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NX-series Advanced Temperature Control Units


Combining Space-Saving Design and Advanced Temperature Controllability

Applicable standards

Refer to the OMRON website ( or ask your OMRON representative for the most recent applicable standards for each model.

Advanced Temperature Control Units

Unit type Product name Specification Model
Number of channels Input type Output Output capacity CT Input capacity Control type Conversion time I/O refreshing method
NX Series Advanced Temperature Control Units Advanced Temperature Control Units 4Ch type
4 Ch Universal inputs (thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer, analog voltage, analog current) Voltage output(for driving SSR) 4 points 4 points Heating and Cooling Control 50 m sec Free-Run refreshing NX-HTC3510-5
Linear current output
Advanced Temperature Control Units 8Ch type
8 Ch Voltage output(for driving SSR) 8 points 8 points Standard Control NX-HTC4505-5

Optional Products

Product name Specification Model
Cold Junction Sensor For NX-HTC only *1 NX-AUX03

*1. The cold junction sensor is inlcuded in NX-HTC and cannot be used for NX-TC.

  Make a purchase only when the sensor is damaged or lost.

Product name Specification Model
Current Transformer (CT) Hole diameter: 5.8 mm E54-CT1
Hole diameter: 5.8 mm E54-CT1L *2
Hole diameter: 12.0 mm E54-CT3
Hole diameter: 12.0 mm E54-CT3L *2

*2. Lead wires are included with these CTs. If UL certification is required, use these CTs.


Cold Junction Sensor (NX-AUX03)

One cold junction sensor is included in each Advanced Temperature Control Unit.