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Compact Head Amplifier-separated Photoelectric Sensor


Thin, Compact Head Saves Space and Mounts Closely. Built-in Interference Protection Provided.


Sensor Units

Sensing method Application Appearance Sensing distance Model
(Emitter + Receiver)
Small type
100 mm (Infrared light) E3C-S10 2M *1
Emitter E3C-S10L 2M
Receiver E3C-S10D 2M
500 mm (Infrared light) E3C-S50 2M *1 *2
Emitter E3C-S50L 2M
Receiver E3C-S50D 2M
1 m (Infrared light) E3C-1 2M *1
Emitter E3C-1L 2M
Receiver E3C-1D 2M
2 m (Infrared light) E3C-2 2M *1
Emitter E3C-2L 2M
Receiver E3C-2D 2M
Slim type
200 mm (Infrared light) E3C-S20W 2M
300 mm (Infrared light) E3C-S30W 2M
E3C-S30T 2M
Diffuse-reflective Small type
100 mm (Infrared light) E3C-DS10 2M
Slim type
50 mm (Infrared light) E3C-DS5W 2M
100 mm (Infrared light) E3C-DS10T 2M
Convergent-reflective Small type
30±3 mm (Red light) E3C-LS3R 2M

*1. Through-beam Sensors are normally sold in sets that include both the Emitter and Receiver.
*2. You cannot order the Emitter and Receiver with separate model numbers. Always order them together using the
       model number for the set (E3C-S50 2M).

Amplifier Units

Power supply Application Appearance Functions Model
DC Slim type

Accessories (Order Separately)

Mounting Brackets

Appearance Model Quantity Remarks
E39-L41 2 Provided with the E3C-1.
E39-L42 2 Provided with the E3C-2.
Can be used with the E3C-DS10.
E39-L127-T1 1 Can be used with the E3C-S10.
E39-L127-T2 1
E39-L127-T3 1
E39-L31 1 * Can be used with the E3C-S50.

Note: Refer to E39-L/E39-S/E39-R for Dimensions.
* When using through-beam models, order one bracket for the Receiver and one for the Emitter.