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Voltage Sensor


Overvoltage/Undervoltage Monitoring Relay for AC and DC Input

• Detect overvoltages or undervoltages (switch selectable) from 4 mV to 300 V.

• Detect undercurrent, reverse current, or overcurrent in DC circuits using shunt (SDV-FL).

• Detect three-phase AC current for under and/or overcurrent using current converter.

• Available in 7 supply voltage configurations.

• Single-function model with ON-delay, OFF-delay, or startup lock settings (SDV-FH[]T).

• Select either AC or DC voltage input.

• Polarity can be specified (SDV-FL) to enable easy reverse current detection.

• Selectable reset value range from 2% to 30% of operating value (SDV-F).

• LED operation indicator.

• UL, CSA (SDV-F), and RCM approval.