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Solid State Relays


Compact, Low-cost, SSR Switching 5 to 20 A

Model Number Legend

G3NE Lineup 1

List of Models

Isolation Zero cross
Indicator Rated output load Rated input voltage
(See note 1, 2.)
Phototriac Yes No 5 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-205T-US DC5
G3NE-205T-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-205T-US DC12
G3NE-205T-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-205T-US DC24
G3NE-205T-2-US DC24
10 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-210T-US DC5
G3NE-210T-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-210T-US DC12
G3NE-210T-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-210T-US DC24
G3NE-210T-2-US DC24
20 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-220T-US DC5
G3NE-220T-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-220T-US DC12
G3NE-220T-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-220T-US DC24
G3NE-220T-2-US DC24
No 5 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-205TL-US DC5
G3NE-205TL-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-205TL-US DC12
G3NE-205TL-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-205TL-US DC24
G3NE-205TL-2-US DC24
10 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-210TL-US DC5
G3NE-210TL-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-210TL-US DC12
G3NE-210TL-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-210TL-US DC24
G3NE-210TL-2-US DC24
20 A at 100 to 240 VAC 5VDC G3NE-220TL-US DC5
G3NE-220TL-2-US DC5
12VDC G3NE-220TL-US DC12
G3NE-220TL-2-US DC12
24VDC G3NE-220TL-US DC24
G3NE-220TL-2-US DC24

Note: 1. The rated input voltage depends on the ambient temperature. For details, refer to Load Current vs. Ambient
              Temperature in Engineering Data on Data Sheet.
          2. When ordering, specify the input voltage.
          3. Refer to List of Certified Models for a list of products that comply with safety standards. When ordering a UL,
               CSA, and EN (TÜV) certified model, add "-US" to the model number.

Accessories (Order Separately)

One-touch Mounting Plates

Model Applicable SSR
R99-12 FOR G3NA G3NE

Heat Sinks

The following heat sinks are thin and can be DIN-track mounted.
See Dimensions for details.

Model Applicable SSR
Y92B-N50 G3NE-205T(L)(-2)-US/-210T(L)(-2)-US
Y92B-N100 G3NE-220T(L)(-2)-US