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FAQ01936 of Power Supplies FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01936

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What factors should be considered when selecting Power Supplies?


Select Power Supplies based on the following factors.

1)What are Power Supplies' input voltage specifications?


When the input voltage is 100 VAC, select a model with a 100 to 240 VAC range or automatic selection of 100 or 200 VAC.

2)What are the load's DC voltage specifications?


Select a DC voltage such as 12 VDC or 24 VDC.

3)What is Power Supplies capacity requirement?


Select Power Supplies so that the maximum load capacity is less than the Power Supplies' output capacity.

4)What is the mounting location and mounting method?


If it is important to save space in a control panel and Power Supplies will be mounted to a DIN Track, use Power Supplies such as the S8VS or S82K

5)Are advanced functions required?

You want to display the output current and monitor when Power Supplies are due for replacement.

→ S8VS Series

You want to use the remote sensing and remote control functions.

→ S82L, etc.

You want Power Supplies to support peak loads.

→ S82F-P Series

You want to use the overload protection function.

→ S82J (most models), S8TS, S8VS, S8PS, etc

You want to backup operation with batteries if the AC power input is interrupted.

→ S8TS Series or S8T-DCBU-01

You want the use the output voltage detection alarm function.

→ S82K-[][][][][]T, S8VS, S8TS, etc.

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Flexible Selection of Reliability and Ease of Operation with the S8JX. New Models with Harmonic Current Suppression for a Broader Lineup.

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