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FAQ01534 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01534

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What products are recommended as substitutes for the C200H-CPU01 Programmable Controller?


Select any of the following: C200HE-CPU11, C200HE-CPU32, or C200HE-CPU42.

Selection Precautions:

1. A Power Supply Unit must be purchased (e.g., the C200HW-PA204).

2. Check the Memory Unit that was used with the C200H-CPU01.

C200HE-CPU11: 3.2 Kwords (built-in RAM)

C200HE-CPU32/42: 7.2 Kwords (built-in RAM)

Points to Check:

C200H-MR431/MR432/ME431 Memory Unit = 2,878 words
Thus the C200HE-CPU11 is acceptable.
Memory Unit C200H-MR831/MP831/ME831 = 6,974 words
Select from the following: C200HE-CPU32 or C200HE-CPU42 (7.2 K).
C200HE-CPU42: Provides a built-in RS-232C port.

3. Purchase a Backplane, e.g., the C200HW-BC081-V1.

Select from the following: C200HW-BC101-V1, C200HW-BC081-V1, C200HW-BC051, or C200HW-BC031.

4. The C200HE/HG/HX cannot be used if the C200H-ID001/002 Input Unit (no-voltage contacts) is used with C200H-CPU01. Check the configuration and use another Unit.

(There are no substitute models with the same specifications.)

5. Support Software and a Connecting Cable are required. (No interface is required.)

CQM1-CIF01 and XW2Z-S001 (for PC98, half 14-pin RS-232C)
CQM1-CIF02 (for IBM PC/AT)

6. The user program can still be used if there are no changes in the I/O configuration.