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FAQ01111 of Programmable Terminals FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01111

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What cables are used to connect the CX-Simulator to an OMRON Programmable Terminal to operate the Programmable Terminal?


The Programmable Terminal's pin allocation is the same as a Programmable Controller's pin allocation, so use the same cable that is used to connect the computer to a Programmable Controller.

The following tables show the cables that can be used.

Cables for Touch Panels with a 9-pin Connector

IBM PC/AT or compatibleXW2Z-200S-V/500S-V
PC98 computer, 25-pinXW2Z-200S/500S
PC98 computer, Half-pitch 14-pinXW2Z-200S/500S + XW2Z-S001

Cables for Touch Panels with a 25-pin Connector

IBM PC/AT or compatibleXW2Z-200P-V/500P-V
PC98 computer, 25-pinXW2Z-200P/500P
PC98 computer, Half-pitch 14-pinXW2Z-200P/500P + XW2Z-S001