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FAQ02709 of Programmable Terminals FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ02709

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How can the NS-series Programmable Terminal's system program be reinstalled?


Applicable Models:

NT30, NT30C, NT620S, NT620C, NT625C, NT31, NT31C, NT631, and NT631C

The system program cannot be installed from a computer for other NT-series Programmable Terminals. It can be changed by replacing the system ROM. A Memory Card must be used to reinstall the system program for an NS-series Programmable Terminal.

System Program:

System programs for the applicable models (listed above) are included in the CD-ROM for NT-ZJCMX-V4 (Windows version of NT Support Tool).


The system program is transferred by the system installer. Connect the computer to the Programmable Terminal with the cable that is used for transferring screen data.

For details on how to use the software, refer to the operation manual of each and the Windows version of the NT Support Tool.

Note: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.