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FAQ03061 of RFID Systems FAQ

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Can the V500-R521 Bar Code Readers laser be blocked with transparent acrylic boards or PET boards?


The V500-R521 uses a class 2 laser. It is thought that the power of the laser deteriorates from the reflection and refraction when passing through acrylic (transparent) or PET material. If the acrylic material is colored, the coloring also affects the power of the laser.

To completely block the laser beam, a laser light curtain can be used.

The specified wavelength of the V500-R521 is 650 nm.

Helium-Neon (He-Ne) ← Blue

OD2 ← Blocking level (OD2 is sufficient for a class 2 laser.)

Use a light curtain as mentioned above by gluing it to the acrylic or PET material.

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