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California Regulations Concerning Perchlorate


State of California, USA Regulations Concerning Perchlorate Best Management Practices

The State of California, USA has instituted “regulations concerning perchlorate best management practices (BMP)”. The following is our notification regarding the regulations.

  1. Notification to our customers
    We would like to inform you of OMRON industrial products affected by the regulations concerning perchlorate BMP as indicated on the list attached.
    List of OMRON products affected by the regulations (PDF/23KB)
  2. Details of the regulations
    1. Applicable products
      All products containing perchlorate (more than 6 ppb) are within the scope of the regulations. Lithium primary batteries and our products using lithium primary batteries are within this scope.
    2. Scope of applicability
      All persons managing perchlorate materials (manufacture, transport, use etc.) in the State of California.
    3. Date of enforcement
      January 1, 2007 for products used by companies
    4. Labeling BMP requirements for perchlorate materials
      Persons who manufacture perchlorate materials, distribute perchlorate materials for sale, use perchlorate materials, generate a perchlorate containing waste, or export perchlorate materials shall ensure that the perchlorate materials are properly labeled or marked as indicated below on the exterior of all outer shipping packages and/or in locations which otherwise satisfy the California regulations.
      Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply. See
  3. Request to our customers
    As you may know already, when you export applicable OMRON products or products incorporating OMRON products, please follow the regulations.
    Please assure that the proper labeling is continued until the product reaches the final customer.
  • This notification is made based on our investigation as of August 18, 2009.