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V640 Series

RFID System (Conforms to SEMI standard, Electromagnetic Inductive 134 kHz)

V640 Series

Line-up Ethernet I/F model newly. RFID system for Semiconductor applications, supports reading and writing TI (Texas Instruments) transponders

• Conforms to SEMI standards (E4, E5, E99, E15.1)

• Supports SECS commands ( via CIDRW Controller Model. V700-L22, V700-L22-V2)

• Embedded Web browser function provides easy configuration and read/write testing (Ethernet type only)

• Enhanced functions, TEST Mode/Detecting for CIDRW Head status

• Certified as radio by many countries: the USA’s FCC, EU R&TTE directive, Canada’s IC, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Isreal.