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Smart Power Supply


A New Type of Power Supply That Provides Safety and Maintainability

Smart Tripping

Branching the Output from a Single Power Supply to Multiple Loads

Variations in the circuit protectors may delaying cutting off some circuits. If the circuit protector does not trip, the protection functions in the power supply will drop the voltage to the other branched circuits. Also, it is difficult to identify the location of the short-circuit, resulting in longer downtimes.

Using the S8AS Smart Power Supply

Any branch output that short-circuits is quickly cut off, with no impact on the other branch outputs. In addition, a branch output that short-circuits is displayed on the monitor, which reduces downtime.

S8AS Features 4

Smart Control Panels

Including the power supply and circuit protection in a single package, greatly reduces design work, wiring work, the number of required wires, and installation space.
This also reduces the maintenance required, as well as number of spare parts that must be kept on hand. Let OMRON make your control panel "Smart."

S8AS Features 5

Smart Functions in a Single Package

S8AS Features 6