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Switch Mode Power Supply (15/35/50/100/150/300/600-W Models)


Flexible Selection of Reliability and Ease of Operation with the S8JX. New Models with Harmonic Current Suppression for a Broader Lineup.

Higher S8JX Series Value with New Models with EMI Class B and PFC

The exceptionally easy-to-use and popular S8JX Series now includes models with harmonic current suppression. That means more variations for a wider range of selections.


General-purpose Power Supplies that are exceptionally easy to use and feature a short body.

Two Mounting Methods for Easy Installation

Install even 300-W models with either screws or DIN Rail.

S8JX Features 4

* Screw mounting must be used with 600-W models.
* For 300-W models, use steel DIN Rail.

Use DC Input (80 to 370 VDC)

Use the S8JX as a 15-W to 150-W DC/DC Power Supply.
* Not applicable to 150-W, 5-V models.

The Shortest Body Class in the Industry

Thinner panels can be achieved without interfering with other components.

Comparison to Previous OMRON 50-W Front-mounting Models

S8JX Features 7

300-W Models Have No Fans

* (24V/48V)

S8JX Features 8


Harmonic current suppression enables a wider range of application.

Functions for Export Equipment Bound for the EU

Harmonic Suppression/PFC (Power Facter Correction)

EMI Class B Compliant

More High-capacity Applications

* Applies to 300-W and 600-W models only.

Remote Sensing

You can compensate for voltage drops on the load lines.

Remote Control

Use an external signal to turn the output ON and OFF while the input voltage is applied.

Alarm Output

Output a signal for Power Supply errors, such as fan failure or insufficient voltage.

SEMI F47 Compatibility for 300-W and 600-W Models

(For 200-V Input)
Ensure reliable operation even for momentary drops in the input voltage.
Applications include semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Slim Body for Greater Equipment Downsizing

100-W Models

S8JX Features 19

300-W Models

S8JX Features 20

* S8JX-P 300-W model with fan.