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Static Electricity Components

OMRON provides Ionizers with superior ion balance and Static Sensors that accurately measure static charges. These contribute to static electricity countermeasures through Sensing & Control technology.

Static Electricity Components List

There are 5 products of Static Electricity Components.

ZJ-FW Fan Ionizer (Area fan type) ZJ-FW

3 slim, lightweight types to choose from. Easy installation.

ZJ-FA20 Ionizer (Basic Fan Type) ZJ-FA20

High-speed, High cost performance Ionization

ZJ-BAS Ionizer (Digital Bar Type) ZJ-BAS

The highest level of ionization in its class.

KS1 Ionizer (Air Push Type) KS1

Wide Range of Nozzles for Optimal Ionization

ZJ-SD Smart Electrostatic Sensor ZJ-SD

Smart Static Electricity Sensing: Making Static Electricity Visible