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Smart Sensors (Laser Displacement & Measurement Sensors)


A Host of Smart Functions Inside a Compact Body with a Full Range of Laser Types


Sensor Heads (Reflective)

Optical system Beam shape Sensing distance Resolution *1 Model
Diffuse reflective Spot beam 40 ± 10 mm 2 μm ZX-LD40
100 ± 40 mm 16 μm ZX-LD100
300 ± 200 mm 300 μm ZX-LD300
Line beam 40 ± 10 mm 2 μm ZX-LD40L
100 ± 40 mm 16 μm ZX-LD100L
300 ± 200 mm 300 μm ZX-LD300L
Regular reflective Spot beam 30 ± 2 mm 0.25 μm ZX-LD30V
Line beam ZX-LD30VL

*1. For an average count of 4,096.

Sensor Heads (Through-beam)

Optical system Measuring width Sensing distance Resolution*1 Model *2
Through-beam 1-mm dia. 0 to 500 mm 4 μm ZX-LT001
1 to 2.5-mm dia. 500 to 2000 mm ---
5 mm 0 to 500 mm 4 μm ZX-LT005
10 mm ZX-LT010
30 mm 12 μm ZX-LT030 0.5M

*1. For an average count of 64.
*2. The cable length for all models is 0.5 m.

Amplifier Units

Appearance Power supply Output type Model
1503_lu3_1 DC NPN ZX-LDA11-N 2M

Note: Compatible connection with the Sensor Head.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Calculating Unit

Appearance Model
1503_lu4_1 ZX-CAL2

Side-view Attachments

Appearance Applicable Sensor Head Model Quantity
1503_lu5_1 ZX-LT1001/ LT005 ZX-XF12 1
ZX-LT010 ZX-XF22

Logging Tool for Personal Computers

Appearance Name Model
1503_lu_6_1 Communications Interface Unit (RS-232C) ZX-SF11
1503_lu_6_2 Smart Monitor *3 (Logging Software + Function Setting Software) ZX-SW11EV3 *1

Setup Tool for Personal Computer

Appearance Name Model
1503_lu_7_1 Communications Interface Unit (RS-232C) + Smart Monitor Basic *2 *3
(Function Setting Software)
ZX-SFW11EV3 *1

*1. The ZX-SFW11EV3 or ZX-SW11EV3 is required to use the Smart Monitor with the ZX-LDA11-N/41-N. Earlier versions
       cannot be used.
*2. The Smart Monitor Basic does not have a logging function.
       Other than the logging function, the Smart Monitor Basic supports the same functions as the Smart Monitor.
*3. It is prohibited to copy, to reproduce, and to distribute a part of or whole part of this document without the
       permission of OMRON Corporation.

Cables with Connectors on Both Ends (for Extension) *1

Cable length Model Quantity
1 m ZX-XC1A 1M 1
4 m ZX-XC4A 4M
8 m ZX-XC8A 8M
9 m *2 ZX-XC9A 9M

*1. Robot cable models are also available. The model numbers are ZX-XC[]R.
*2. For use only with Reflective Sensors.

Bank Unit

Appearance Model
1503_lu_9_1 ZX-SB11