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Ionizer (Air Push Type)


Wide Range of Nozzles for Optimal Ionization


Model KS1-AA1T
Power supply voltage 24 VDC ±5%
Current consumption Approx. 100 mA
Discharge method High-frequency AC (Approx. 68 kHz)
Output voltage ±2 kV
Safety circuit Outputs alarms for ionization errors
Discharge time 0.8 s max. (at a distance of 50 mm from air outlet)
Ion balance ±15 V or less (at a distance of 50 mm from air outlet)
Fluid used Air (refer to Air Used on Catalog)
Amount of 0.04 ppm or less (when standard nozzle used, at a distance of 300 mm from air outlet and
primary side voltage of
generated ozone 0.25 MPa)
Supplied air flow Approx. 100 L/min (ANR) (when standard nozzle used, at primary side voltage of 0.15 Mpa)
Indicators Green POWER indicator lit while Ionizer ON, red ALM indicator lit for ionizing errors.
Air pressure range When Standard Nozzle or Flexible Tube Nozzle is used. 0.02 to 0.25 MPa
When Standard Nozzle Tube is attached. 0.02 to 0.12 MPa
When Shower Nozzle, Flat Nozzle, or Straight Bar Nozzle is used. 0.05 to 0.40 MPa
Operating ambient
0 to 40°C (with no icing or condensation)
Operating ambient
35% to 65% (with no condensation)
Weight 235 g (Ionizer only)
Accessories One ground lead (2 m)

Air Clean Filter

Can be attached directly to the ionizer.
Diameter of collected particles with high filtration accuracy: 0.1 μm, collection efficiency: 99.9%.

Model KS1-AZ04
Fluid used Air
Connection aperture R(Rc)1/8
Collected particle size 0.1 μm
Collection efficiency 99.9%
Volume of air processed 40 l/min (ANR) *
Film area 29.9 cm2
Max. voltage used 0.97 MPa
Withstanding pressure 1.47 MPa
Operating temperature range 5 to 45°C
Weight 11 g
Recommended tightening torque 400 to 600 Ncm
Unit material Aluminum alloy (alumite treated)
Element material Porous, hollow thread membrane

* At 0.7 MPa (pressure drop of 0.03 MPa)