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Oil-resistant, Robust, Compact Photoelectric Sensor


Photoelectric Sensor for the Automotive and Machine Tool Industries

(Industry Top) A Sensor with Stainless Steel Housing That's Strong, Compact, and Easy to Use!

Resists Oils and Coolants

E3ZM-C Features 2

The E3ZM-C features a simple shape and structure, and yet provides IP67 protection and oil resistance (oil resistant to OMRON in-house standard). This performance exceeds any previous models from OMRON.

The protective structure eliminates the need for screws to hold a cover, so there are no worries about loose screws leading to liquid penetration.

And the model number is laser-marked on the housing so it's always readable when the time comes to order maintenance parts.

The compact, easy-to-use E3ZM-C with built-in amplifier is ideal for oily environments.

(Industry Top) Perfectly Reliable Detection Performance and Connection Method

Visible Beam.
Long-distance Operation Even in Dusty, Dirty Environments

E3ZM-C Features 4

The E3ZM-CT[]2B uses a bright orange LED to generate a spot that's visible 1 m away. And the sensing distance of 20 m provides more leeway in detection (response time: 2 ms). It all adds up to a more visible, more dependable worksite.

World's Smallest, and Yet Robust
(Patent Pending)

E3ZM-C Features 5

The E3ZM-C is the same compact size as the E3Z, making it the smallest square metal photoelectric sensor in the world (according to OMRON investigation).

The SUS316L housing makes it robust, and removes all worries of the coating coming off.

Simple, Yet Dependable M12 Twist-and-Click Pre-wired Connectors

E3ZM-C Features 6

These Connectors match the XS5 Connectors released from August 2006, which reduce wiring work.
They eliminate the troublesome need to control torque when tightening connectors, and remove worries about screws loosening due to vibration.

Unique Miniaturization and Modularization Technologies

E3ZM-C Features 7

Application Precaution

Use the E3ZM-T/-R/-D/-LS in food processing or beverage filling applications where cleaners or disinfectants are present.