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Ultracompact, Ultrathin Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier


The Improved E3T Series with Easier, Smoother Mounting and Installation

Simple, Low-cost Installation, Setup, and Operation

New Small Cylindrical Sensors

E3T Features 3 E3T_Features1

Sure Installation without Stress

Side-view and Flat Sensor Models for M3 Mounting

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Small Cylindrical Sensors

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Overall Features

Many Compact Shapes for Various Applications

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Ideal for Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing Lines

All Metal Parts Are Stainless Steel. No Worries About Conductive Copper Intrusion.

The case, nuts, and washers of the Cylindrical Sensors are all stainless steel, as are the mounting plates and sleeves of the M3-mounting Sensors. Harmful copper, zinc, and nickel plating are not used, enabling reliable application in rechargeable battery manufacturing lines. Stainless-steel screws are also available, for immediate application for rechargeable batteries.

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