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Transparent Object (PET Bottle) Detection Compact Photoelectric Sensor


Excellent PET Bottle Detection

Sensing method Retroreflective with P-opaquing and MSR functions
Model NPN output E3ZM-B61(-C)/-B66(-C) E3ZM-B61T(-C)/-B66T(-C) (*2)
PNP output E3ZM-B81(-C)/-B86(-C) E3ZM-B81T(-C)/-B86T(-C) (*2)
Sensing distance 100 to 500 m m (Using E39-RP1)
Standard sensing object 500-ml, transparent, round PET bottle (65-mm dia.)
Directional angle Sensor: 3° to 10°
Reflector: 30°
Light source (wavelength) Red LE D (650 nm)
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Current consumption 450 mW max. (current consumption for a
30-V power supply voltage: 15 mA max.)
25 mA max.
Control output Load power supply voltage: 30 VDC max., Load current: 100 mA max. (Residual voltage: 2
V max.)
Open-collector output (NPN/PNP output depending on model)
Operation mode Light ON/Dark ON cable switch selectable Light ON/Dark ON switch selectable
Protection circuits Reversed power supply polarity, Load short-circuit protection, Mutual interference
prevention, and Reversed output polarity protection
Response time Operate or reset: 1 ms max.
Sensitivity adjustment Teaching method One-turn adjuster
Ambient illumination Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lx max., Sunlight: 10,000 lx max.
Ambient temperature range Operating: -40 to 60°C (*3 *4),
Storage: -40 to 70°C (with no icing or
Operating: -25 to 55°C (*3),
Storage: -40 to 70°C (with no icing or
Ambient humidity range Operating: 35% to 85%, Storage: 35% to 95% (with no condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ min. at 500 VDC
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude for 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z
Shock resistance Destruction: 500 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection *5 IEC IP67, DIN 40050-9: IP69K
Connection method Pre-wired cable (standard length: 2 m) or M8 4-pin connector
Indicators Operation indicator (yellow), Stability indicator (green), and Teaching indicator (red)
Weight (packed state) Pre-wired models: Approx. 85 g
Connector models: Approx. 35 g
Pre-wired models (2-m cable): Approx. 70 g
Connector models: Approx. 20 g
Materials Housing SUS316L
Lens PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)
Indication PES (polyethersulfone) PEI (Polyetherimide)
Buttons Fluoro rubber
Cable PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Accessories *6 Instruction sheet, Special Reflector (E3ZM-B[][]-C only)

E3ZM-B Specifications 2

*1. For information on the P-opaquing function, refer to Data Sheet.
*2. If a sensing object such as a glass plate is being used, the light reception level may not be attenuated sufficiently.
In the following cases, be sure to test operation sufficiently under actual operating conditions.
1) If the temperature varies more than 5°C
2) If the Sensor or Reflector moves due to vibration
*3.Do not bend the cable in temperatures of −25°C or lower.
*4. This value applies when an E39-RP1 Reflector is used.
The ambient operating temperature range when the E39-RSP1 or E39-RP37 is used is -25 to 55°C.
*5. IP69K Degree of Protection Specification
IP69K is a protection standard against high temperature and high-pressure water defined in the German standard DIN 40050, Part 9. The test piece is sprayed with water at 80°C at a water pressure of 80 to 100 BAR using a specified nozzle shape at a rate of 14 to 16 liters/min.
The distance between the test piece and nozzle is 10 to 15 cm, and water is sprayed horizontally for 30 seconds each at 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° while rotating the test piece on a horizontal plane.
*6.Mounting Brackets must be ordered separately.