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Switch Mode Power Supply (300/600-W Models)


S8JX-P Series with EMI ClassB and Power Factor Correction is newly added to S8JX Series.

Ratings, Characteristics, and Functions

Input specification 100 to 240 V input
Power ratings *1 300 W 600 W
Efficiency 5 V Models 75% min. 76% min.
12 V Models 77% min. 76% min.
24 V Models 79% min. 78% min.
48 V Models 78% min. 79% min.
Input Voltage *2 100 to 240 VAC (allowable range: 85 to 264 VAC, 80 to 370 VDC *8)
Frequency *2 50/60 Hz (47 to 63 Hz)
100 V input 4.5 A max. 8.7 A max.
200 V input 2.2 A max. 4.3 A max.
Power factor *3 0.9 min.
Harmonic current emissions Conforms to EN61000-3-2
100 V input 0.5 mA max.
200 V input 1 mA max.
(for a cold
start at
25 °C) *3
100 V input 17.5 A max.
200 V input 35 A max.
Voltage adjustment range *5 -10% to 15% (with V. ADJ) (5 V, 48 V models: ±10%)
Ripple *3 3% (p-p) max. (5 V) *12
2% (p-p) max. (12 V) *12
2% (p-p) max. (24 V or 48 V types)
Input variation influence 0.4% max.
Load variation influence 0.8% max. (0 to 100% load, rated input voltage)
Temperature variation influence 0.05%/ °C max.
Startup time 1,000 ms max.
Hold time *3 20 ms min.
Overload protection *6 105% to 160% of rated load current, voltage drop, intermittent, automatic
Overvoltage protection *7 Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Parallel operation Yes (up to 5 Power Supplies)
Series operation Yes (For up to two Power Supplies; external diodes required.)
Remote sensing Supported
Remote control Supported
Alarm detection indication Yes (color: red)
Alarm output Provided, open-collector output, 30 VDC max, 50 mA max.
Other Ambient operating temperature Refer to the derating curve in Engineering Data on Catalog. (with no icing
or condensation).
Storage temperature - 25 to 75 °C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 25% to 85% (Storage humidity: 25% to 90%)
Dielectric strength 3.0 kVAC for 1 min. (between all inputs and outputs; detection current:
20 mA)
2.0 kVAC for 1 min. (between all inputs and PE terminals; detection
current: 20 mA)
1.0 kVAC for 1 min. (between all outputs and PE terminals; detection
current: 100 mA)
100 VAC for 1 min. (between all outputs and RC terminals; detection
current: 100 mA)
500 VAC for 1 min. (between all outputs and ALM terminals; detection
current: 20 mA)
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (between all outputs and all inputs/PE terminals) at 500
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, 0.375-mm single amplitude for 2 h each in X, Y, and Z
Shock resistance 150 m/s2, 3 times each in ±X, ±Y, ±Z directions *10
Output indicator Yes (Color: Green)
EMI Conducted
Emissions *3
Conforms to EN 55011 Group 1 Class B and based on FCC Class B *11
Radiated Emissions Conforms to EN 55011 Group 1 Class B *11
EMS Electrostatic
Conforms to EN61000-4-2
Conforms to EN61000-4-3
Electrical Fast
Conforms to EN61000-4-4
Surge Conforms to EN61000-4-5
Conforms to EN61000-4-6
Voltage Dips/Short
Conforms to EN61000-4-11
Approved standards *8 UL UR: UL 508 (Recognition) *13
UL Listed: UL508 (Listing) *14
UL UR: UL 62368-1 (Recognition)
cUR: CSA C22.2 No.107.1, CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1
Conformed standards *8 EN: EN 62477-1 Over voltage category III,
EN 62368-1
Terminal block: Based on DIN 50274)
SEMI SEMI F47-0706 (200-VAC input)
Weight 1,200 g max. *9 1,800 g max. *9

*1. When a load is connected that has a built-in DC-DC converter, the overload protection may operate at startup and the
      Power Supply may not start. Refer to Overload Protection on Catalog.
*2. Do not use an Inverter output for the Power Supply. Inverters with an output frequency of 50/60 Hz are available, but
      the rise in the internal temperature of the Power Supply may result in ignition or burning.
*3. Rated input voltage: 100 or 200 VAC at 100% load.
*4. Output characteristics: Specified at power supply output terminals.
*5. If the output voltage adjuster (V. ADJ) is turned, the voltage will increase by more than the allowable voltage range.
      When adjusting the output voltage, confirm the actual output voltage from the Power Supply and be sure that load is
      not damaged.
*6. For details, refer to Overload Protection on Catalog.
*7. To reset the protection, turn OFF the input power for three minutes or longer and then turn it back ON.
*8. The range for compliance with EC Directives and safety standards (UL, EN, etc.) is 100 to 240 VAC (85 to 264 VAC).
*9. The weight is of the type without a mounting bracket.
*10.S8JX-P600[][]CD: 100 m/s2
*11.The noise value will vary depending on wiring methods and other characteristics.
      300-W/600-W models conform to Class B with an aluminum plate set under the product.
      For the 300-W 5V and 600-W 5V and 12V models, insert a noise filter (TDK-Lambda RSEN-2016) in the input line.
*12.Measurement method conform to RC-9131A of the JEITA standards. For details, refer to "Ripple Noise Voltage" on
*13.Applicable to the 300-W/600-W 5V and 12V models
*14.Applicable to the 300-W/600-W 24V and 48V models