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Switch Mode Power Supply (15/30/50/100/150/300/600-W Models)


Superior Basic Performance That Ensures Reliability. Wide Range of Standards Certification and Greater Usability.

Power Supplies That Are Ideal for Machine Tools and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

No Transformers Required for Control Circuits

Built-in IEC 61558-2-16 Compliant Transformer

An IEC 61558-2-16 compliant transformer is built into the Power Supply to eliminate the need for a transformer with compound windings for control circuits for which IEC 60204-1 Machinery Directive is specified. This helps reduce cost and space requirements.

S8FS-G Features 3

Easy Safety Standard Certification

All Normal Stock Models Are UL 508 Listed *

1. Less work is required to prepare data and materials for UL application.
2. Connection is possible to devices or equipment outside the control panel.
* Some optional models are UL recognized. (Excluding models with connectors.)

S8FS-G Features 5

Equipment Downsizing

Slim Body of 300-/600-W models

S8FS-G Features 7

Stable Operation in a Wide Range of Environments

Resistance to Environments for Global Application

Stable operation in severe installation environments, such as those with high ambient temperatures and humidity, or large vibration or those with unstable input voltages.

S8FS-G Features 9

Prevention of Foreign Matter Ingress and Screw Drop Out

The front cover prevents entry of foreign matter from the front surface.
A removable mechanism that prevents terminal block screws from dropping out is a standard feature.

You can prevent foreign matter ingress and screw drop out that can result in product failure and accidents for worry-free installation and maintenance work.

S8FS-G Features 11

Stable, High Quality

75% of all the manufacturing processes have been mechanized.
We have also mechanized inspection and confirmation processes.

S8FS-G Features 13