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Temperature Monitoring Relay


Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Ideal to prevent heater overheating. Self-latching output to contribute to safe equipment operation.

Temperature Input Models

Power supply
Input types Setting units (setting range) Output relays Type Model
24 V AC/DC Thermocouple or
platinum resistance
Setting unit: 1°C or 1°F
(0 to 999°C/°F)
Relay: SPDT contact output K8DT-TH1CD
Transistor K8DT-TH1TD
100-240 V AC Relay: SPDT contact output K8DT-TH1CA
Transistor K8DT-TH1TA
24 V AC/DC Thermocouple Setting unit: 10°C/°F * Relay: SPDT contact output K8DT-TH2CD
Transistor K8DT-TH2TD
100-240 V AC Relay: SPDT contact output K8DT-TH2CA
Transistor K8DT-TH2TA

* Refer to Setting Ranges on catalog for the setting ranges.

Options (Order Separately)

Front Cover

Appearance Model
3499_lu_2_1 Y92A-D1A