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MX-Z2000H-V1 Series

Fiber Laser Marker

MX-Z2000H-V1 Series

Great for either deep or shallow engraving in metals, marking on plastics/resins or plastic films, and for fine processing. Mark anything from electronic parts to automotive parts.

(1) Fiber Laser Marker

Appearance Marking area Working distance Model
3778_lu_1_1 90 × 90 mm 170 ±10 mm MX-Z2000H-V1
160 × 160 mm 220 ±10 mm MX-Z2050H-V1
160 × 160 mm 220 ±10 mm MX-Z2055H-V1 *

* Faster marking for resins and plastics films (It is a specification with a thicker marking line width)

Optional Products (Sold Separately)

An activation key is required to use EE mode (Energy Enhanced Mode)

Description Model
Energy Enhanced mode (License) MX-9230

(2) Controller power supply cable

Appearance Item Length Model
3778_lu_3_1 (PSE, UL) plug type B 2.9 m MX-9301
3778_lu_3_2 (VDE, AS) plug type F 2.9 m MX-9302

Note: The MX-9301 can be used as a PSE (Japan) or UL (USA)/CSA (Canada) compliant cable.
         The MX-9302 can be used as a VDE (Germany) or AS (Australia) compliant cable.
         When using this product in a country or region that cannot use the MX-9301/MX-9302 prepare the appropriate cable
         suitable for use in your country or region according to country/regional regulations.

(3) Peripherals used in the basic system configuration

The following peripherals are used in the basic system configuration. Prepare them as necessary.

Item name Specification
Monitor • DVI-D input specification
• VGA input specification (15-pin, 3 rows)
Number of pixels: 1,024 × 768 pixels or more (Recommended)
Keyboard USB connector specification
(standard-A connector in rear face of controller)
Mouse USB connector specification
(standard-A connector in rear face of controller)

(4) External control cable

RS-232C cable (connected to CJ series)

A cable that connects to the controller RS-232C / RS-422A serial port (D-sub-15-pin connector).

Appearance Length (L) Model
3778_lu_5_1 5 m MX-9160-5M

MX-Z2000H-V1 Series Lineup 11

Interlock conversion cable for MX-Z2000H series

By using MX-9161 for the MX-Z2000H series interlock connector, it is possible to make it compatible with the MX-Z2000H-V1 connector.

Appearance Model
3778_lu_7_1 MX-9161

MX-Z2000H-V1 Series Lineup 13

Replacement and maintenance parts

Appearance Item Model
3778_lu_9_1 Air filter for controller MX-9011
3778_lu_9_2 For MX-Z2000H series fan for marker head MX-9022
3778_lu_9_3 For MX-Z2000H series fan for marker controller MX-9023
3778_lu_9_4 For MX-Z2000H series cover glass bracket (W) MX-9034
3778_lu_9_5 Cover glass MX-9031
3778_lu_9_6 Bracket releaser MX-9032
3778_lu_9_7 Marker head power supply cable MX-9410
3778_lu_9_8 Marker head control cable MX-9411

Note: 1. These are dedicated parts for the MX-Z2000H-V1 series and MX-Z2000H series.
         2. For parts replacement, refer to Fiber Laser Marker MX-Z2000H Series Setup Manual (Man. No. Z415).
         3. Be sure to use replacement parts meeting the above specifications. Use of a part not meeting the applicable
             specification may cause the system to fail. If you have any question, contact OMRON.

Finder function option equipment

Please refer to Finder Option catalogue (Cat. No. Q255) to select image processing system.

Appearance Item Description Model
3778_lu_10_1 Camera attachment For MX-Z2000 MX-9150
For MX-Z2050/Z2055 MX-9151
3778_lu_10_2 Camera mount For FQ2 camera MX-915A-FQ2
For FZ/FH camera MX-915A-FZ
For FZ/FH camera (500 M pixels) MX-915A-S5M2

Masking set

This product is to be used according to the built-in form when incorporating laser marker MX-Z2000H series into equipment compatible with machine instructions (2006/42/EC) EN60204-1.

Description Model
Button operation part (white) x 2, light-shielding tape, control stop button cover MX-9190

Protective Goggles

Use protective goggles with an optical density (OD value) of 6 or more for a wavelength of 1064 nm and which can be used to confirm laser radiation warnings.