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Switch Mode Power Supply (240/480/960-W Models)


Even more compact three-phase 380 to 480 V input power supplies. Reduces wiring work with the Push-In Plus terminals. With a line-up that includes 24 VDC and 48 VDC models.

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

Not all combinations are possible. Refer to List of Models in Ordering Information, below.

S8VK-WB Lineup 2

Ordering Information

List of Models

Rated input voltage Rated output
voltage (VDC)
Rated output
Maximum boost
240 W Three-phase / two-phase 380 to
480 VAC
(Allowable range:
Three-phase / two-phase 320 to
576 VAC, 450 to 810 VDC)
24 V 10 A 15 A S8VK-WB24024
48 V 5 A 7.5 A S8VK-WB24048
480 W 24 V 20 A 30 A S8VK-WB48024
48 V 10 A 15 A S8VK-WB48048
960 W 24 V 40 A 60 A S8VK-WB96024
48 V 20 A 30 A S8VK-WB96048

Accessories (Order separately)

Mounting Brackets (Order Separately)

Product name Model
Front Mounting Bracket (for 240 W) S82Y-VKW20F
Front Mounting Bracket (for 480 W) S82Y-VKW40F
Front Mounting Bracket (for 960 W) S82Y-VKW90F

DIN Rail Mounting Parts (Order Separately)

Part name Model
End Plate PFP-M