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CK3A-series Direct PWM Amplifier


This servo amplifier provides ultra-low latency servo control by taking signals directly from the controller and flexibility to connect to various motors and encoders

Supported Motors

The CK3A Amplifier, combined with the flexibility of Power PMAC Controller and the ability to interface with various encoder feedback devices, allows the support of the following types of Motors:

• AC/DC synchronous brushless (rotary or linear) - e.g. servo Motor.

• DC Brushed - e.g. voicecoil actuator.

• AC asynchronous - e.g. Induction Motor (contact support for setting up this type of Motor).

Amplifier Features

• Nano-scale linear servo positioning accuracy

• High PWM frequency - up to 20 kHz

• High resolution current sensing - 16-bit ADCs

• High speed current ADC sampling - up to 6.125MHz

• Dual STO inputs and status output

• Basic functions - Energy discharge, dynamic braking, fan control

• Basic Data reporting - DC bus voltage, power module temperature, firmware version

• Dual 7-segment LED status display

• Built-in or external shunt resistor

• Support of low voltage main power operation