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CK3A-series Direct PWM Amplifier


This servo amplifier provides ultra-low latency servo control by taking signals directly from the controller and flexibility to connect to various motors and encoders

CK3A series Direct PWM Amplifier

Product name Main circuit power supply Rated Current Model
CK3A series
Direct PWM Amplifier
3-Phase AC, 1-Phase AC, 1-Phase DC 5 Arms CK3A-G305L
3-Phase AC, 1-Phase AC 10 Arms CK3A-G310L

Note: The Amplifier comes with the following accessories. Customers are responsible for procuring items other than those listed below.
   · Main Power Connector (CN1)
   · Control Power Connector (CN2)
   · Motor Connector (CN3)
   · STO Connector (CN4)

DirectPWM Cable

Product name Cable length Model
DirectPWM Cable 0.9 m CK3W-CAAD009A
1.8 m CK3W-CAAD018A
3.6 m CK3W-CAAD036A

Note: The amplifier connection side of the CK3W-CAA03A Cable has discrete wires. Wire in accordance with the servo drive specifications.
Refer to Selecting Peripheral Components in the CK3A-series Direct PWM Amplifier User’s Manual (Cat. No. O050) for details.