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CK3A-series Direct PWM Amplifier


This servo amplifier provides ultra-low latency servo control by taking signals directly from the controller and flexibility to connect to various motors and encoders


Item Specification
Number of axes 1
Enclosure Panel mount
Protective case IP20 (built into IP54 panel)
Grounding 200 V class D grounding, 100 Ω or less
Vibration resistance 10 to 60 Hz at an acceleration of 5.88 m/s2 or less
(Not to be run continuously at the resonant frequency)
Air flow clearance Refer to installation section
Mounting screws tightening torque 1.2 Nm
Cooling Natural convection and built-in fan
Weight CK3A-G305L 1.81 kg
CK3A-G310L 2.67 kg
Dimensions CK3A-G305L 212.5 x 65.0 x 180.0 mm
CK3A-G310L 238.0 x 90.0 x 180.0 mm
and Standards
Conformance to
EU Directives
EMC Directive: EN61800-3 second environment
Low Voltage Directive: EN61800-5-1 C2 category
Functional Safety: EN61800-5-2 SIL3 (STO)
Conformance to
UL Directives
UL Standards: UL 61800-5-1
CSA Standards: CSA C22.2 No. 274
Conformance to
KC Standards


Item Specification
Operating ambient temperature 0 to 55 °C
Operating ambient humidity 10 to 90% RH (without condensation or icing)
Storage ambient temperature -25 to 70 °C
Storage ambient humidity 10 to 90% RH (without condensation or icing)
Operating and storage atmosphere Must be free of corrosive gases
Maximum operating altitude 1,000 m


Values in parentheses indicate the range of acceptable variation. Rated values are outside of parentheses.

Item CK3A-G305L CK3A-G310L
Logic power
Voltage 24 VDC (22.0 to 26.4)
Current consumption 1.5 A
Inrush current 2.5 A
Inrush time 5 msec
Main circuit
power supply
3-Phase AC Voltage 240 VAC (170 to 252 VAC)
F.L.A. 6 Arms 11 Arms
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
1-Phase AC Voltage 110 to 240 VAC (85 to 252 VAC)
F.L.A. 10.5 Arms 19.5 Arms
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
1-Phase DC *1 (Low) Voltage 48 VDC *1, 3 (44 to 60 VDC) N/A *2, 3
F.L.A 6 Arms N/A
Output Rated Current 5 ARMS 10 ARMS
Maximum (peak) Current 10 ARMS 20 ARMS
Maximum Rated Power
(3-Phase AC)
1195 W 2390 W
Maximum Rated Power
(1-Phase 240 VAC)
1195 W 2390 W
Maximum Rated Power
(1-Phase 110 VAC)
550 W 1095 W
Maximum Rated Power
(1-Phase DC)
195 W N/A *2
Time at Peak Current 2 sec
PWM Interface Current feedback resolution 16 bits
Maximum current ADC reading 15.735 A 31.470 A
Minimum PWM deadtime 2 μsec 3 μsec
PWM Frequency 8 to 20 kHz
Shunt Resistor Internal shunt resistor 30 W
External shunt resistor 20 Ω, 60 W 17 Ω, 60 W

*1. Must install low voltage short-circuit wire and set up ADC Strobe Word correctly.
*2. The CK3A-G310L requires a special part number, and factory modification to operate with low voltage main power input. Contact your local Omron representative for this option.
*3. The CK3A (both models) can functionally operate in the 100 to 350 VDC main supply input range without short-circuit wire or special consideration. Operation and setup are same as described in the CK3A-series Direct PWM Amplifier User’s Manual (Cat. No. O050) however, the specifications and performance are not defined in this case.


Specification Value Notes
STO input to power drivers OFF < 30 msec
Overcurrent I2T to IPM OFF < 10 msec A8 fault
Phase short to IPM OFF < 3 μsec AC fault
Current loop response time < 1 msec 1 mH 3-Ph brushless Motor Y-winding
Dynamic brake relay response time < 20 msec Mechanical relay time constant
I2T time to Amplifier OFF < 2.5 sec At 200% output
Soft start time < 650 msec Do not enable Amplifier during soft start
Hold at momentary power interruption 10 msec 3-ph 208VAC @ rated load
DC bus discharge to less than < 36 VDC < 2.5 sec Forced discharge to shunt resistor
< 5 min Natural discharge
Current ADC clock frequency range 2.450 to 6.250 MHz Set in Controller
Time between main circuit power cycles 1 min minimum If discharge ON
10 sec minimum If discharge OFF

Amplifier Internal Regeneration Absorption Capacity

The following table shows the Amplifier power, internal shunt resistor specifications, regenerative power absorption capacity and maximum duration. These values are based on a 200VAC main power supply.

Model CK3A-G305L CK3A-G310L
Rated RMS power [W] 1195 W 2390 W
Internal shunt resistor specification 25 Ω 30 W 17 Ω 80 W
Built-in capacitors absorption energy [J] 46 J 62 J
Internal shunt resistor average regeneration energy [W] 18 W 32 W
Maximum duration of continuous regeneration [sec] 2 sec 2 sec
Minimum allowable shunt resistance [Ω] 20 Ω 15 Ω