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Resin-case Proximity Sensor


Proximity Sensor with Resin Case with Superb Water Resistance


Model Sensing distance Output configuration Model
Operation mode
M8 1.5 mm DC 3-wire, NPN E2F-X1R5E1 2M E2F-X1R5E2 2M
DC 3-wire, PNP E2F-X1R5F1 2M E2F-X1R5F2 2M
AC 2-wire E2F-X1R5Y1 2M *1 E2F-X1R5Y2 2M *1
M12 2 mm DC 3-wire, NPN E2F-X2E1 2M *2 E2F-X2E2 2M *2
DC 3-wire, PNP E2F-X2F1 2M E2F-X2F2 2M
AC 2-wire E2F-X2Y1 2M *2 E2F-X2Y2 2M *2
M18 5 mm DC 3-wire, NPN E2F-X5E1 2M *2 E2F-X5E2 2M *2
DC 3-wire, PNP E2F-X5F1 2M *2 E2F-X5F2 2M
AC 2-wire E2F-X5Y1 2M *2 E2F-X5Y2 2M *2
M30 10 mm DC 3-wire, NPN E2F-X10E1 2M *2 E2F-X10E2 2M *2
DC 3-wire, PNP E2F-X10F1 2M E2F-X10F2 2M
AC 2-wire E2F-X10Y1 2M *2 E2F-X10Y2 2M *2

*1. Have been discontinued at the end of March 2022.
*2. Models with different frequencies are also available. The model numbers are E2F-X[][][]5 (e.g., E2F-X5E15).

Accessories (Order Separately)

Protective Covers

Refer to Y92[] for details.