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Proximity Sensor with All-stainless Housing


Highly Durable Proximity Sensor for Tough Environments

One-piece completely stainless-steel housing with a face thickness of 0.8 mm

The face thickness is approximately 4 times that of previous models (E2ES) to enable sensing in even more severe conditions than ever.

E2FM Features 1

Brush Test

E2FM Features 2

Continuous Impact Test

E2FM Features 3

Chemical and Detergent Proof

The one-piece completely stainlesssteel housing of the sensing section withstands the following chemicals better.

• Sodium chloride
• Gasoline
• Dilute sodium hydroxide
• Dilute hydrochloric acid
• Mineral oil
• Barium hydroxide
   Any many others

Note: Cannot be used for explosion-proof applications

Built-in Chip Immunity

Chip immunity performance has been provided to greatly reduce false signals caused by spatter accumulation and other causes, almost eliminating the needs for cleaning, e.g., with metal brushes.

E2FM Features 5

Flush Mounting

E2FM Features 6

Main Performance Comparison to Previous OMRON Products

E2FM Features 7

The chemical resistance has been certified by Ecolab Europe

E2FM Features 8