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E2E (Small-diameter)

Small-diameter Proximity Sensor

E2E (Small-diameter)

Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!

Lineup of global small-diameter types (3 dia., 4 dia., 5.4 dia., 6.5 dia., M4, M5)

A lineup of unshielded models for long distance sensing is also available. Stable long distance sensing performance enables worry-free use even when the work flow is unsteady.

E2E (Small-diameter) Features 1

Bright operation indicators make it easy to check operation status

Four indicator lamps in a 360 degree layout can be easily seen.

E2E (Small-diameter) Features 2

High-speed response enables sharp detection timing

5 kHz response frequency max.

Protection circuits prevent failures due to wiring mistakes.

Load short-circuit protection and output reverse polarity protection circuits are incorporated.

Environment friendly, low current consumption only 2/3 that of previous models

All have a current consumption of 10 mA max.

Protective Stainless-steel Spiral Tube against wire breakage is available

Lineup of protective tubes for M4 and M5 sizes. Reduces wire breakage due to catching and shock.

E2E (Small-diameter) Features 6