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FAQ01907 of Power Supplies FAQ

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There are Power Supplies listed with a "Class 2" UL rating. What is the "Class 2" rating?


The UL Class 2 Power Units standards apply to power supplies within a limited output current and output voltage range.

The Class 2 standard is specified in UL Standard Number UL1310. In order to receive the UL Class 2 approval, the power supplies must pass UL testing as follows:

The output current does not exceed 8 A.

The output voltage does not exceed 30 VDC.

Furthermore, a benefit of using the power supplies that have received the Class 2 approval is that the output has the same Class 2 safety level. When applying for safety standards approval for the equipment, in some cases it is not necessary to obtain safety standard approval for the connected device (load) when the device (load) is connected to the output of a power supply that has received Class 2 approval.

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