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FAQ01991 of Power Supplies FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01991

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What is the life expectancy of Power Supplies?


Power Supplies' lifetime depends on its usage.

The life expectancy also depends on the model of Power Supplies being used, as shown in the following table. Use this information as reference for maintenance and replacement.


1.Input voltage: Rated input voltage

2.Load rate: 50%

3.Ambient temperature: 40°C

4.Mounting: Standard mounting direction

Life expectancyMain Models
Eight years or longerS82K
Ten years or longerS82J, S8TS, S8VS, S8VM

Note:The life expectancy was calculated by high-temperature testing of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, so these values are guidelines only.

With S8VS Series Switch Mode Power Supply, the Maintenance Forecast Monitor Function will indicate the approximate time remaining until recommended replacement of Power Supplies.

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