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Are there models available that support parallel operation?


The following table shows the models that support parallel connection of outputs as well as the appropriate connection methods.

ModelConnection method
Only connect the +V and -V outputs in parallel
S82K (100 W (- P type only)
S82J (300, 600 W)
Connect the +V and -V outputs in parallel and set the parallel operation
selection switch to PARALLEL.
S8TS (12 V, 24 V)Connect the bus line connector.
S8VM (300, 600, 1,500 W)Connect CB (CN pin 5) and CBG (CN pin 6)
(Use a maximum of 80% of the total output capacity.)

Up to two of the same model can be connected in parallel for the S82K (100 W) or S8VM (300 W, 600 W, 1,500 W), up to four of the same model can be connected in parallel for the S8TS and S8T-DCBU-02, and up to five of the same model can be connected for the S82J (300, 600 W).

The above table lists the main models for which parallel connection is possible. Refer to the datasheet for each model for details.

Attempting parallel connection for models that do not support it may result in an unbalanced load current, possibly causing the rated output current to be exceeded, so the parallel connection is not possible.

Use the same length and thickness of load connection line to ensure that the voltage drop between each Power Supply and load is the same.

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