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FAQ03417 of Power Supplies FAQ

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Do you have any UL-listed, Class 2-compatible Power Supplies?


We offer the following Class 2 Power Supplies with a UL 1310 listing.

Also, the sensors for Class 2 Power Supplies does not have to be UL listed. Standard sensors can be used.

The following Class 2 Power Supplies are available.

ModelFile No.Remarks
S82J (10 (excluding 5V), 25 (excluding 5V), 50 (excluding 24V)W)E104818---
S82K (3, 7.5, 15, 30, 50, 90W)---
S82K (100W)External fuse required
S8TS (30, 60W)Standalone operation
S8VS (15, 30, 60W)---
S8T-DUBU-01External fuse required

Recommended Products


Multi-Function Indication Monitor for Production Site Visualization * (* Models with indication monitor)


High-speed, High cost performance Ionization


Flexible Selection of Reliability and Ease of Operation with the S8JX. New Models with Harmonic Current Suppression for a Broader Lineup.

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