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FAQ01133 of Photomicro Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01133

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What are the absolute maximum ratings of Photomicrosensors built into Equipment?


Absolute maximum ratings specify the upper limit of usage conditions for factors such as the voltage, current, temperature, and power. These ratings indicate the limits over which the Photomicrosensor cannot be used even momentarily.

For Photomicrosensors and other semiconductor products, these ratings absolutely must not be exceeded, as the term "absolute" indicates.

This is a strict rule. If the Photomicrosensor is used in excess of theses ratings, reliability will be markedly damaged, and OMRON shall bear no manufacturer responsibility for any resulting deterioration or damage.

Be careful to design the system so that operation will be performed within these ratings. In actual operation, derating is used to perform operation at some percentage below the ratings.

Absolute maximum ratings and electrical and optical characteristics are included as main titles in the Photomicrosensor catalog. (Similar expressions are used in catalogs for transistors, ICs, and other components.)

The two expressions differ in meaning, and it is necessary to understand the difference.

In summary, the absolute maximum ratings indicate the usage restrictions and electrical and optical characteristics indicate the performance limits.