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FAQ01160 of Photomicro Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01160

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What are sensing position characteristics (for slot-type models) of Photomicrosensors Used for Industrial Equipment?


The sensing position characteristics measure the point where the Photomicrosensor turns ON when an opaque workpiece is inserted from the direction shown in the following figures.

With EE-SX77/87 Photomicrosensors, for example, the horizontal sensing position is 1.9 mm from the side of the Sensor (the Y portion in the following figures), and the vertical sensing position is 2.9 mm from the top of the Sensor (the Z portion in the following figures).

These values, however, are only typical examples. The sensing position depends on variations in the light-emitting and light-receiving elements, temperature characteristics, and degraded service life of the light-receiving element.