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FAQ00138 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00138

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What is the best way to monitor I/O Memory Data of the CS1, C200HX/HG/HE, CPUs in Excel files?


Programmable Controller reporter provides Data collection at Excel loading the input data from CIO or DM area of Programmable Controller pasted at the cells of excel file only by settings.

It is also possible to download (writing) data from the cells to the Programmable Controller.

Applied OS is the Windows95/98, and supported Excel is the Excel97 and Excel 2000.

Supported communication between Personal Computer and Programmable Controller is Host Link (1:N), Controller Link, SYSMAC LINK, and Ethernet

Models are the SDKY-95HLK-E97 for Host Link and the SDKY-95MLT-E97 for other network.

* "Windows" is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.