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FAQ00258 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00258

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Using CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package, how can we connect Programmable Controller via Ethernet?


1. Personal Computer Ethernet setting by IP Address and Subnet Mask.

2. Ethernet Unit: IP Address, Node No., Unit No.

3. CX-Programmer and CS1 Programmable Controller is connected with Tool bus Cable.

4. CX-Programmer I/O table Window: Unit Setting (CPU bus unit System Setting) is required to be set for Ethernet [IP Address Conversion] by Automatic generation, [Sub net mask] is set.

5. CX-Programmer (CX-Net): FINS Local Routing table is created and transferred to CS1.

6. Personal Computer issues PING Command to check if Ethernet connection is OK.

7. CX-Programmer Communication Setting

1) Personal Computer Model Change / [Network Type] is set [Ethernet].

2) Click [Setting], set FINS destination address [Network] / [Node]
(Node = Ethernet Unit Node Number, Network = Network address set in Routing table)

3) Check Automatic generation method at [Driver] tab / Workstation node Address. Port Number = 9600.