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FAQ00454 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00454

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What system configuration is necessary to display the contents of 4-digit decimal data memory in Programmable Controllers on an external 7-segment digital display?


There are two types of digital display units, static output models and dynamic output models. If the data from only one 4-digit decimal display needs to be displayed, it is recommended to use static models to make system maintenance easier.

Also, among static models, there are models with positive logic and models with negative logic. Negative logic (see note) is much more common among Output Units for Programmable Controllers, so we recommend using models with negative logic.

Note:C200H Programmable Controllers Output Units with negative logic include the C200H-OD215, C200H-OD218, and C200H-OD219. Select a M7E Digital Display Units with negative logic.