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FAQ00458 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00458

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What is a protocol macro?


A protocol macro is macro containing a communications protocols designed for the communications specifications of an external device that has a serial communication port.

The following two main functions are provided for protocol macros.

1.Creating communications frames (messages)

2.Creating the procedures to send and receive communications frames

The Boards and Units are equipped with communications protocols to send and receive data with OMRON CompoNet components (e.g., Temperature Controllers, Digital Panel Indicators, Barcode Readers, and Modems). Therefore, data communications with OMRON components can be achieved by simply setting the data to be sent or received, and executing the PMCR(260) instruction.

The following products support protocol macros.

CS1 Series:

CJ1/CJ1M Series:


CQM1H Series:

CS1W-SCB21/CS1W-SCB41 and CS1W-SCU21

CJ1W-SCU21 and CS1W-CSU41

C200HW-COM04-V1, C200HW-COM05-V1, and C200HW-COM06-V1 (excluding the C200HE-CPU11)