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FAQ00912 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00912

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What is the difference between C1000H/C2000H-CPU01 Programmable Controllers and C1000H/C2000H-CPU01-V1?


C1000H/C2000H-CPU01-V1 supports SYSMAC LINK.

C1000H-SLK21-V1 SYSMAC LINK Units can be used for coaxial cable, and C1000H-SLK11 can be used for fiber optic cable.

With C1000H/C2000H-CPU01-V1, up to two of the following Units can be used: Host Link Units (C500-LK203 and C500-LK103), SYSMAC NET Units (C500-SNT31-V4), and SYSMAC LINK Units (C1000H-SLK21-V1 and C1000H-SLK11).