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FAQ01076 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01076

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How do I write a program that will read input signals from ten-key keypad connected to a CS/CJ Programmable Controllers and convert them to numeral data?


There are two types of ten-key switches, one that uses binary code and strobe signals, and another that uses decimal code. This document introduces programming for the ten-key switch that uses decimal code.

Program and Operation

1. Ten-key Input Allocations and the Data Storage Area

System Specifications

Up to 4 digits of model data from the ten-key switch is input to CIO 0 bits 00 to 09 and moved to D102.

The numbers stored in D102 are shifted 1 digit (4 bits) to the right whenever numbers are input using the ten-key. If 5 or more digits are input, then the numbers stored in D102 will be deleted one-by-one sequentially for every digit input starting with the leftmost bit.

Ten-key input
CIO 0.00: Key 0
CIO 0.01: Key 1
CIO 0.02: Key 2
CIO 0.09: Key 9

Data storage area
D101: Ten-key data buffer area
D102: Ten-key data storage area

2. Ladder program

3. Operation



1.If 5 or more digits are input using the ten-key, then by changing the second operand (shift leftmost word) of the ONE DIGITS SHIFT LEFT (SLD) instruction, the number of useable digits can be extended in 4 digits units.

2.Using the TEN KEY INPUT instruction with the CQM1H Programmable Controllers or C200HX/HG/HE Programmable Controllers will allow a maximum of 8 digit to be input from the ten-key.