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FAQ01167 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

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How do I store changeover data in the file memory in CSV format, and use the FREAD instruction to copy the data to specific words in the DM Area?


Refer to control data specifications for the FREAD instruction in the CS/CJ Series Programmable Controllers Instructions Reference.

The file format to read from the Excel file is specified.

The delimiter is specified with bits 12 to 15.

The carriage return is specified with bits 8 to 11.

The above settings are relevant to the data specifications.

When specifying the CSV format, you specify the number of digits in each data cell when you specify the delimiter.
When using words, the delimiter is placed after every 4 digits. When using long words, the delimiter is placed after every 8 digits.
For the carriage return specification, one field equals one cell.

Refer to the image of Excel as below.
Create this type of data in Excel and save it in CSV format.