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FAQ01477 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01477

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How do I program repeatedly turning a bit OFF for 1 second and ON for 1.5 seconds?


If the ON and OFF time is 0.5 s or 0.1 s, a Clock Pulse Bit (P_ls and P_0_2s) can be used as an input. The following method can be used to create a flicker program that outputs a pulse-train for ON and OFF times for which Clock Pulse Bits are not provided.

Operation Specifications and Data Trace Results

CIO 000000: Flicker start bit (CIO 0.00)
CIO 000200: Flicker bit (CIO 2.00)

*When the flicker start (CIO 0.00) turns ON, the flicker bit (CIO 2.00) is turned OFF for 1 second and ON for 1.5 s. The flicker bit will stop turning ON and OFF when the start bit turns OFF.

Ladder Programming

Programming: CS1/CJ1-series Programmable Controllers

*By changing the settings of the OFF timer (TIM 0001) and ON timer (TIM0002), the desired pulse-train output can be achieved.