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FAQ02739 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

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What is the difference between a program task and program section when using CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package with CS1/CJ1-series Programmable Controllers?


Task programming is a feature of CS1/CJ1-series. Section division is a function of CX-Programmer. Therefore, Task programming cannot be done with C200H Programmable Controller or CQM1H Programmable Controller, but by using CX-Programmer, one program can be divided up into multiple sections even when using C200H or CQM1H.

What Is Task Programming?

A specific example follows:

A task is the smallest executable program unit.
For example, take the case of soft drink purification manufacturing. The process has three operating modes: fully automatic, partially automatic, and manual. And, each operating mode has the three processes: the mixing process, the stirring process, and the brewing process. First, the three operating modes are divided into three separate program tasks. The reason for dividing the operating modes into separate tasks is that only one of the three tasks will be selected and run. Dividing the modes into tasks allows the other two tasks to remain stopped, thereby reducing the CPU Unit cycle time.

Step I: Task Programming Example

Task nameTask numberDescription
Control management taskCyclic Task 00ON when running
Fully automatic taskCyclic Task 01ON or OFF as required
Partially automatic taskCyclic Task 02ON or OFF as required
Manual taskCyclic Task 03ON or OFF as required

What Are Program Sections?

A specific example follows:

Using program sections makes the ladder diagram more like a segmented picture story rather than once continuous novel without chapters. Continuing with the previous mentioned soft drink example, the three processes that exist in each operating mode, the mixing process, the stirring process, and the brewing process, can each be divided into an separate program section. The reason for dividing them is that it increases the readability of the ladder programming windows.

*By clicking on the desired section name in the project tree, the requested ladder programming window will be immediately displayed.

Step II: Program Section Example

Task nameSection name
Control management taskControl process total management
Fully automatic taskMixing processStirring processBrewing process
Partially automatic taskMixing controlStirring controlBrewing control
Manual taskMixing operationStirring operationBrewing operation


Advantages of Using Task Programming

Reduces CPU Unit cycle time.

Advantages of Using Program Sections

Increases the readability of the ladder programming windows.