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FAQ02746 of Programmable Controllers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ02746

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Can I program flickering back-and-forth between two outputs when a switch is ON?


The following are the time chart and ladder programming for the operation specifications.

Time Chart

Figure 1

CIO 000000: Pushbutton switch (CIO 0.00)
CIO 000200: Alternating output A (CIO 2.00)
CIO 000201: Alternating output B (CIO 2.01)

After turning ON the pushbutton switch (CIO 0.00), the two outputs (CIO 2.00 and CIO 2.01) will alternate turning ON at intervals of T1 seconds, and remain ON for T2 seconds.

Ladder Program

Flicker Programming

Programming: CS1/CJ1-series Programmable Controllers

Figure 2

Output Switching Program

Programming: CS1/CJ1-series

Figure 3