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FAQ00969 of Rotary Encoders FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00969

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How many meters of the cable of the Rotary Encoder are extended?


Voltage output and open collector output type are 10m, complementary output type is 30m, and line driver output type is 100m.

However, when the cable length is extended, it is necessary to confirm use conditions in the case of the voltage output and the open collector output type. Because the output waveform startup time is lengthened, the response frequency lower, it affects the phase difference characteristics of phases A and B, and the output residual voltage increases.

Please use the cable of the same kind (conductor cross section and shielded or unshielded) when the cable length is extended.

The recommended cable of line driver output type is the TKVVBS4P-02T that is twisted-pair cable made in TACHII ELECTRIC WIRE CO., LTD..

The twisted-pair cable is a suitable structure for the transmission of RS-422A signals, and has the characteristic which denies the electromotive force is generated in the wire by twisting two outputs and takes off the noise component.

Purchase is possible in 100m.