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FAQ00361 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00361

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What kind of consideration points does it have when the relay is connected to Proximity Sensors?


Connected condition is not suitable and it is not likely to be able to combine when the relay is connected as a load of the proximity sensor.

Please judge whether to connect it from ON/OFF condition of the relay and an electric characteristic of the sensor.

ON condition of the relay: VL≧VON


Please confirm above ON condition is satisfied after calculating VL from above formula.

OFF condition of the relay: IR≦IOFF

What is the OFF current of the relay?

The OFF current is not provided for by ratings of the relay.

Please calculate from the following formula.

OFF current=Ratings current of the relay (mA) × Reset voltage of the relay (%) × 0.8

(0.8 is variation coefficient of the relay)

Condition by control output range of sensor

Ratings current of the relay (mA)>Minimum of control output of proximity sensor (mA)

Because an enough current to operate the proximity sensor is not supplied when the ratings current of the relay is below minimum of the control output of the proximity sensor, it does not operate normally.