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FAQ03462 of Contact Sensors / Liquid Leakage Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03462

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What is the meaning of the settings unit "xx% FS" on D7F-C03 Vibration Sensor Level Meter?


The display/settings unit of the D7F-C03 Level Meter is % FS.

FS is an acronym for full scale. It indicates the full size of the measurement range.

Therefore % FS indicates a fraction of the full scale, in the form ××%.


Set the operating mode to ACC (acceleration) and the GAIN switch to the ×1 range.

Referring to the specifications in the D7F catalog, the corresponding full scale is 98 m/s2

Under these conditions, looking at the indicators,

The threshold setting 55% to 65% FS, in terms of acceleration, becomes 98 m/s2 × 0.55 = 53.9 m/s2. Following this calculation, the range is 53.9 to 63.7 m/s2.